Substance Efficacy and Safety Ascertainment through custom-integrated Systems Biology Platforms.


OMICS driven

Massiv Parallel

Machine Learning




Services. Comprehensive Systems Analytics.

Customization, deployment, and service of high-throughput analysis and modeling platforms

We design, build, test, deploy, operate and service software pipelines and integrated wet/dry platforms to your identified needs and specifications. Customized, integrated, operational systems biology solutions for your R&D and production sites may cover the entire process from OMICS data acquisition, secured data storage and integrity control, to statistical and geometric data analysis and predictive computational modeling. Services for ACSIOMA-designed wet/dry laboratories may including the recruiting, continued training, and performance evaluation of dedicated personnel, regular process control using our platforms, and access to ACSIOMA's proprietary data for integrated computational modeling.

Partial / complete embedding of analysis and modeling work-flows

Working with our hardware-providing partners, we embedd partial or complete high-throughput data-analysis and modeling solutions to gurantee a maximum of efficacy, safety, and reproducibility, at significantly reduced maintenance needs.

OMICS data generation, data identification and recovery, data QC

Any type of OMICS data can be generated to your needs. We will also identify piblicly available OMICS data for your integrated oder meta-analysis projects. All data generated either in-house, through sub-contracting, or by recovery from public resources are subjected to our rigosous data quality control process before they are made available to the customer through ACSIOMA-X databases.

Integrated OMICS data analysis and modeling

Using novel methodologies from big-data anlysis we conceive and execute your ambitious, inegtrated, multiple OMICS, cross-species, cross-technology, cross-platform meta-analysis projects to the highest scientific standards. Innovative machine learning and coputational modeling techniques are combined with non-linear or linear dimensionalty reduction and inference operations to fully address questions regarding the structure and dynamics of active biological networks. Equally innnovative representation and interactive exploration technologies provide rapid, intuitive insights into the network dynamics and computed models. Automated, learning, custom-built classifier systems provide a simple, coherent and solid information basis for your decision making process.

Systems Biology-driven efficacy / safety classification

ACSIOMA-X integrated software platforms can be specified and customized to your needs to allow automated ultra-high throughput data analysis and substance classification according to your selection criteria. We operate data-generation and data-analysis pipelines for your substance / formulation screening, validation, and quality control processes.

Project Development

We collaborate with private for-profit, non-profit and public research entities on the development of novel systems and synthetic biology methodology. We have expertise in project development for funding through granting agencies on the international (NIH, NSF, CAS), European (EC), and national (DFG, BMBF) levels.

Regulatory Affairs, Lobbying

We consult on regulatory affairs and participate in strategic motions to acquire approval of systems biology methodology for reglemented processes. Together we will transform regulation on national and international levels to implement systems biology approaches as gurantors for a maximum of transparency, reproducibility, stream-lining, and efficacy in the restablishment and protection of human and environmental health.

Products. Comprehensive Platforms.

ACSIOMA-X Software and Database Family

Individualized licences and support agreements for our ACSIOMA-X software and database family of high-end modular solutions are available. Support includes installation, adaptation, training, maintenace, bug-fixes, and, subject to licence-type, regular updates and upgrades for individual modules or entire pipelines.

Embedded / Native ACSIOMA-X Solutions

We configure customized ACSIOMA-X computational modules and embedd them on appropriate hardware according to your specifications and needs. Native solutions provide massively increased throughput and reproducibility at significantly reduced maintenance and surveillance effort.

ACSIOMA-X Computational Platforms

We design, build, test, deploy, and service software pipelines on dedicated computational infrastructure to your identified needs and specifications. Customized, integrated, operational systems biology solutions for your R&D and production sites cover the entire process of OMICS data quality control, secured data storage and integrity control, statistical and geometric data analysis, and predictive computational modeling. Sophisticated laboratory information management systems (LIMS) provide process control and interfaces for data-generating platforms tpo control scheduling and error-free operation of high and ultra-high throughput data generation and analysis needs.

Integrated Wet / Dry ACSIOMA-X Platforms

We design, build, test, deploy, operate and service software pipelines and integrated wet/dry platforms to your identified needs and specifications. Customized, integrated, operational systems biology solutions for your R&D and production sites may cover the entire process from OMICS data acquisition, secured data storage and integrity control, to statistical and geometric data analysis and predictive computational modeling. The architecuture of ACSIOMA-designed wet/dry laboratory modular platforms is designed to provide you with a maximum of fexibility and absolute control over the entire process.

Applications. Comprehensive Physiology.

Effective Substance / Formulation Efficacy and Safety Testing

Systems Biology transforms the discovery and evaluation pipelines at extraordinary speed. High-throughput screening, activity-based homology searches, rapid evaluation, long-term predictions of efficacy and safety, lead to significant increased throughput at reduced cost during R&D and (pre-)clinical testing. Evaluate your leads for efficacy and safety at the begining of the chain and based on tens to hundreds-of-thousands of variables rather than a single measure such as an IC50. The number of shortcomings of animal models exceeds the number of sleepless nights you have thinking about them. Systems biology will allow better informed decisions early on.

Process Evaluation and Control

Control the performance of your R&D enrichment or modification process through linear sampling and rapid OMICS data generation and analysis to keep track.

Production QC Monitoring

Simple, standardized systems biology-driven processes allow continued monitoring of quality and effective quantity during substance and formulation production.

Rapid Functional Small Molecule Identification

Enrich your cell- and small organism-based screening with the power of systems biology analysis and modeling to make better and faster decisions on the potential of a small-molecule.

Substance Repurposing

Use high-dimensional 'omics'-derived objects to scan public and proprietary data-bases in order to recover similarities and distinctions between your substance and any other molecule/protocol/condition.

Medicinal Chemistry

"Problem erkannt, Problem gebannt." German pro-verb; litteral translation: problem recognized, problem controlled. Using molecular sensors in a massif-paralleled and high-throughput approach dramatically increases throughput and relevant insights when designing active molecules.

Personalized Formulation

Genetic variability is a major determinant of substance action on a molecular, cellular, and organismal level. Modern systems genetics approaches better model and thus better represent genetic variability in human populations than any other experimental approach. Identifying sensitive cases early-on allows more effective targeting and provides the basis for personalized medicine or cosmetics development.

ACSIOMA GmbH. Company Profile.

ACSIOMA GmbH is a limited liability, privately owned biotechnology and computer engineering company with established offices in Bochum, Germany (Head Office), Sherbrooke Canada (North America Office, Director: Dr. Brendan Bell, Ph.D.), and Belo Horizonte, Brazil (South America Office, Director: Dr. Patricia Pellegrino de Souza, Ph.D.). We provide world-wide services and technologies to clients from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetics, chemical and nutrition industries. Our unique blend of systems biology combined with new mathematical and computational data analysis, modeling, and deep-learning technologies achieves novel, more comprehensive, and more decisive information on substance short- and longterm impact on the human organism. We design, implement, and service custom-built state-of-the-art integrated platforms and pipelines. Our core expertise is in advanced data analysis using non-linear geometry, mathematical modeling, and machine learning and their embeddings on dedicated computational infrastructures.

We create value for our clients from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetics, chemical and nutritional industries by providing newer, faster, more effective and more transparent integrated solutions for high-throughput, high-confidence substance efficacy and safety ascertainment.

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